About Us

Saint Patrick’s is a Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School in the Diocese of Hallam. As a Catholic school religious education plays a vital role in the daily life of the school and promotes dignity, respect and tolerance of all faiths and beliefs. We value every individual and recognise the important feature of being wholly inclusive.

Children are admitted between the ages of four plus and eleven. At eleven the children transfer to high school – usually All Saints High School or Notre Dame High School. Admission to Saint Patrick’s Catholic Voluntary Academy does not guarantee a place at the Catholic high school.

The School is wholly inclusive. Every effort is made to encourage children to see themselves as belonging to a number of wider communities of which the primary community is the Diocese of Hallam together with the feeder parishes from which the Schools draw their pupils. The Parish priest visits the school regularly and the school participates in the life of the parishes.

Our school caters for children from 3 to 11 years. In both schools, the youngest children are taught within Foundation Stage Units where they are carefully organised into appropriate learning groups. The schools have a mixture of single aged classes and mixed age classes.

The Governors are the nominees of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hallam.