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• 26th June – Transition workshop Y6 parents 9 -11am • 28th June – French Play for Lees/Woolley & Ecclesall • 29th June – Own clothes day – bring bottles • 29th June – Y6 Flamingo Land Trip • 29th June – Hedgehogs Class Assembly (Mrs Elliott’s) 9.15am • 30th June – Summer Fair 11am -3pm

Grenoside Woods

Quote for this half term

Quote for this half term 1

Autumn Term 2 Learning Log Homework

Autumn Term 2.


Welcome back to my lovely Year 3s.

I have really enjoyed finally being back with you all!


We have a busy term ahead of us, Anti-Bullying Week begins next week, swimming continues on Monday mornings... before we know it we will be in Advent, counting down to Christmas!


Our Learning This Term:


English: We will be researching the meaning of words using dictionaries, looking at using speech marks and paragraphs correctly, homophones, plurals and prefixes and suffixes.


Maths: We will continue to explore the 4 Operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division this half term. Including solving word problems.


Science: Animals, including humans.

We will continue learning about food chains and food webs. Exploring the effects our environment can have on predators and prey. We will then move onto learning about teeth, their names and roles, with an exciting experiment planned for towards the end of term! Image result for Science teeth


R.E: Promises.

We will be exploring the types of promises we make, as part of groups, in our class and daily lives. We will then think about the Promises people make when a child is Baptised.



Digital literacy, online safety and electronic communications.



We will have the opportunity to sing, performing solos or as part of a group, with growing control over our voices. We will play notes on an instrument with care and to perform with an awareness of others.


Art and Design:

Many crafty themed activities are planned... including the creation of our own personalised wrapping paper!



We will learn to speak some French words confidently, taking part in short discussions, as well as exploring the culture of some of the countries which speak French, comparing our lives to their lives.


History: Our Local area.

We will be looking at maps and old documentation about the people who lived around our school 100 years ago this term.

Image result for Sheffield lane top old images




Welcome to Grenoside Woods!


Mrs. Verdon-Smith (your teacher), with Mrs. Chappell and Mrs. Oldman.

Transition Week.


We had a wonderful transition week. It was lovely meeting the children and getting to know them. We had a very busy week full of learning and fun.


During Transition Week we created personalised Acrostic Poems and completed Fact File pages about ourselves. We had a go at Human Bingo and Multiplication Bingo, as well we enjoying lots of art and craft activities, finger painting beautiful butterflies and creating our own bookmarks to name a few. We listened carefully to complex instructions and even created our own origami houses! We enjoyed a Maths challenge exploring packets of Starburst Sweets and even got to try some of them afterwards. We completed the week by creating a White Gold Recount of our activities, before finally squeezing in some 'Mindful Mandalas.'


It was a wonderful week and I am really excited to work with the children in September.

Starburst Maths Challenge

Starburst Maths Challenge 1
Starburst Maths Challenge 2
Starburst Maths Challenge 3
Starburst Maths Challenge 4

We created dream leaves - our hopes and aspirations for Year 3.

We created dream leaves - our hopes and aspirations for Year 3. 1
We created dream leaves - our hopes and aspirations for Year 3. 2
Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'