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'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'

• 26th June – Transition workshop Y6 parents 9 -11am • 28th June – French Play for Lees/Woolley & Ecclesall • 29th June – Own clothes day – bring bottles • 29th June – Y6 Flamingo Land Trip • 29th June – Hedgehogs Class Assembly (Mrs Elliott’s) 9.15am • 30th June – Summer Fair 11am -3pm

Lees Hall Woods

Welcome to Lees Hall! 

Class Teacher: Mrs. S. F. Smith.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. J. Knowles.


Our class motto : 'Be the Change You want to See'!


Reading is our number 1 priority! In class we love to read and value the knowledge and the skills it gives us! Reading literacy is crucial to functioning well in adult life. We are having a half-termly 'Bug Club' competition, where the child who has read the most books receives a reward!   

This term our topic has had a history theme and we have been studying ' Britain's Settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and Scots'. The children have produced lots of wonderful 'historical' writing, created illuminated letters and outstanding homework projects! We had a fantastic learning experience at Weston Park Museum, where we learnt about 'The Man from Benty Grange' and found out that the first 'Anglo-Saxon' helmet to be discovered, was actually in Derbyshire!


We are continuing with Place-Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The children then apply these skills through Problem Solving activities!






Science: Our New topic is : Animals including humans

We will be learning to:

  • identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system, and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood.
  • recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way our bodies function.

describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.

Re: Belonging!

Our focus will be studying Scripture that shows how we are called, by God, to belong to His family. We will learn of the rights and responsibilities of being 'called'.

Keep a  look out on our blog for further news and learning updates!


Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'