Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'

15th July – Sam Safari visit to Hedgehogs, Squirrels and Badgers 16th July – Y6 Leavers Mass 9:15-10:15am 16th July – Y6 Presentations 10:45am – 5pm 16th July – Squirrels/KS1 parent evening 2-5pm 17th July – Y6 Leavers Play 6-7pm 17th July – Lees Hall Class Assembly 2:15pm 18th July – AM Nursery Parent meeting 9-11:30am PM Nursery Parent meeting 12:302pm 18th July - KS2 parents evening 2-5pm 18th July – Y6 Leavers Disco 6-7:30pm 19th July – Grenoside Woods Trip to Lyceum Theatre 19th July – Nursery Graduation 9:30-11:30am 19th July - Woolley Woods Class Assembly 2:15pm 23rd July – Y6 Leavers Assembly 9-10am 23rd July – School closes at 1:30pm 3rd September – First day back after the holidays


Welcome to St Patrick’s website which acts as an introduction to our school, giving you a flavour of the environment and an impression of our school life. St Patrick’s is a rich and diverse learning community where achievements and success go hand in hand. I believe our wonderful school is unique and exceptional in its provision and vision.


Through the whole school community, St Patrick’s exudes a real warmth and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Our aim is to provide every opportunity in a Christian environment for our children to emerge as confident, articulate and independent young people.


Our Christian foundation is very important in the life of our school and we have strong links with the local churches. Christian values are evident in all aspects of school life and children recognise the importance of living by these values. Parents say that they highly value all that our school offers academically, socially and spiritually. The best of British values permeates the life of the school.


Our school motto is, ‘Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success.’


We stand by our words, we want our children to be the very best they can be and for this reason we encourage them to have aspirational goals. From the moment our children enter Nursery or Reception we believe in fostering in our pupils a Growth Mindset. We want our children to embrace daily challenges and to use the experiences to make them stronger. We want our children to work beyond their expectations so that only then will they truly realise that the impossible is indeed possible.


St Patrick’s is very fortunate to have a team of very skilled dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure that children enjoy coming to school and that they are working hard each day to achieve their dreams. The commitment of staff, parents, governors and the Friends of St Patrick’s is phenomenal and deserves to be applauded.

I have so much more I could say but I think it is best to end by stating, my introduction to the school and the website only offers you a window into the heart of our school, so feel free to open the door by arranging a visit and seeing the school at its best.


Mrs S M McKeown


Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'

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