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Grenoside Woods

Welcome to Grenoside Woods' class page on our school website.


Here you will be able to see our exciting learning activities that we get up to with Mrs Harrold, Mrs Chappell and Mrs Oldman.


Our first topic in the Autumn term will be 'Changing our World', with this we will carry out a local history study working towards creating 'A local photography exhebithion'. 


We will also carry out many challenges to try and answer our philosophical question,

'What will happen at the end of the world?'



Science work

Science work  1
Science work  2
In science we are enjoying finding out all about forces and magnets we have been looking for lots of materials that are magnetic! 

Fantastic Homeowrk

Fantastic Homeowrk 1
Have a look at some of the amazing work we have been doing at home to help us with our learning!!

We are all very excited about the star of the week trophy in our class and we are all working hard in hopes of getting it by showing some of the following qualities:

  • respect
  • team work
  • hard work
  • good listening
  • being thankful
  • being generous
  • being sensible

I wonder who will get it next? 


Trophy 1
This term we have been looking at the oceans and the impact that plastic pollution has on animals, we are going to be holding an environmental summit to share what we have found out with our parents stay tuned for an update on how this goes. 

We have enjoyed learning all about the Oceans from naming and locating them on world maps to investigating their different layers and the marine life that live there.

We found out some fascinating facts:

  • Did you know that the Pacific ocean is 161.8km long
  •  Did you know that the warmest Ocean is the Indian Ocean
  • Did you know that the deepest parts of the ocean are called trenches
  • And to date we have only explored around 5% of the world oceans that take up over 71% of the Earth. 


once we had finished discovering all the fascinating  things we could about the Oceans we looked at the harm humans are causing with plastic pollution and this became part of our environmental summit. We hoped to tech our parents how we are harming the ocean and its animals and what we could do to stop this. 

Our wonderful work

Our wonderful work  1
Our wonderful work  2
Our wonderful work  3
Our wonderful work  4
Our wonderful work  5
Our wonderful work  6
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'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'

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