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'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'

• 2nd March- Fire Fighters Collection • 4th March- FS2/KS1 Parents Meetings 1:30-4:30pm • 6th March- World Book Day • 6th March- Y6 Halle Orchestra Trip • 10th March- KS2 Parents Meetings 1:30-4:30pm • 11th March- Nursery Parents Meetings, AM children 8:30-11am. PM children 12:30-2:30pm. • 11th March- Otters Trip to Millennium Galleries • 11th March- Squirrels/Badgers Trip to Weston Park Museum

Grenoside Woods

A very warm welcome to Grenoside Woods class page we are all very excited to see what the new academic year 19-20 has to offer us all! 


In our classroom your children will be taught by Mrs Harrold and Mrs Chappell

and we have lost of exciting things planned! 


We will all be working hard all year and appreciate the support of all the parents in developing your children's learning at home! 


Many thanks Grenoside Woods! 



We are all very excited about the star of the week trophy in our class and we are all working hard in hopes of getting it by showing some of the following qualities:

  • respect
  • team work
  • hard work
  • good listening
  • being thankful
  • being generous
  • being sensible

I wonder who will get it next? 


Trophy 1

Can you practice your French Greetings? 

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We are excited to answer all our questions about the Ancient Egyptians! 

keep looking back to see what we have found out! 

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We are also already working hard on our mixed media art skills! 
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All things Egyptian!!

All things Egyptian!! 1
All things Egyptian!! 2
All things Egyptian!! 3

We have loved making all things Egyptian, we look at scarab beetles and found out they were a lucky symbol in ancient Egypt and were given as gifts, so we made our own and asked our parents to buy them from our museum. 


On Friday the 15th November all of KS2 gathered in the hall to present our journey through time museum showing off all the great work we had been doing and all the things we have learnt, it was so much fun and all the parents enjoyed their visit! 

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Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'


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