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Our Topic is about Castles, Princesses and Knights


We have been enjoying reading lots of stories about Knights, Castles, Princesses and even Dragons. We have been acting out the stories and re telling the stories.


We enjoyed our trip to Conisborough Castle. We learn't about what the Castle rooms were like and enjoyed being detectives. We had to smell the different smells that would have been in that room and the objects that you would find in that room to work out what that room used to be. The children went into the keep and up into Lord Hamlin's room and Lady Isabelle's room. We even found the toilet that they used to use! The children enjoyed looking at all the different things at the top of the Castle. We spotted houses, trees, a railway bridge and the flag on top of the Castle. All the children really enjoyed their trip to the Castle.


We have written re counts of our trip to the castle using time connectives. We have been learning a song about Sir Scallywag and we are looking forward to performing this at the Theatre alongside other schools.  


We have enjoyed doing our Medieval production and our class assembly.

In phonics our FS2 children are currently learning their Phase 2 sounds and learning how to segment and blend the sounds together to make words. They are also working hard to learn the tricky words by sight.  Our Year 1 children are learning their Phase 3 sounds. They are learning to read them, spell them and use them in sentences. They are also learning tricky words that they have to read by sight and spell. 

In RE we will learn about our homes and families. We have been thinking about how our families are all different and special to us. We have be learning about Jesus growing up and his family. 

In Numeracy our FS2 children are leaning to find one more than a number to 10. Counting out 6 from a larger group and adding two numbers less than 10 together. Our Year One children are learning to add one more to a number up to 20. Add more than one using a number line.  

Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'


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