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Welcome to Otters' class page on our school website.


Here you will be able to see our exciting learning activities that we get up to with Mrs Phillips and Mrs Fernandes.


Our first topic in the Autumn term is 'Castles, noble knights and deadly dragons!'

To start our topic with a bang, we invited the Partake Theatre group to give us a taste of Medieval life. We made different medicines for ailments such as 'swelling of the eyes'; we looked at artefacts such as 'puzzle pots'; we played with Medieval toys; we wrote with a quill and ink and we looked at various weapons, including swords, arrows and the very simple but dangerous 'caltrops'.

The sword was VERY heavy.

We also visited Conisbrough Castle to find out from first hand experience exactly what a motte-and-bailey castle looks like. We looked deep into a dungeon full of rubbish and gazed at the countryside from the top of the tall keep. A very scary experience! We also walked around the wall of the inner bailey, along the very steep 'motte' (little hill). This castle didn't have a moat, but it did have a ditch full of brambles.


For our class assembly the magic key dragged Joshua and Sophia all the way back to the Middle Ages. They discovered that it was hard work having a bath, what a horn book was and how to train to be a knight. They also watched some Medieval dancing and the story of the dragon, the king and the golden sausage.
To celebrate the end of our topic, we organised a 'Medieval Festival' for the parents. One group of experts healed the sick. Another talked about the features of our motte-and-bailey castles. Some welcomed the parents and handed out the quizzes whilst others answered questions about their homework projects and the photos of our class on display.
Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'


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