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Religious Education

Religious Education Intent

At St. Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy, our RE curriculum is central to the whole ethos and curriculum, underpinning all teaching and learning that takes place. As a school we are committed to the Catholic faith, recognising and valuing every individual as special, unique and loved by God.


Our children will develop an awareness of God's presence in their lives and lives of those around them. We promote a close, cooperative relationship between home, St. Patrick's parish and school whilst encouraging values of understanding and care for those within and beyond our community. We will provide a safe and nurturing environment for pupils to develop an understanding of right and wrong, following the word of God. This will prepare them to contribute positively within and beyond our school community.


Each child will develop a close connection and feeling of belonging to our school community and to the family of God. Children will develop a spirituality through engaging and memorable RE experiences delivered in a variety of stimulating and creative ways, including exploration of Godly play and opportunities to read for pleasure linked to Religious Education. These include class prayer, hymn singing, collective worship, nativities, liturgies, art and written work. Children will also have time to reflect and wonder through rich Godly play experiences.


At St. Patrick's, each child will develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, in which we promote a respect for religious beliefs and moral values of all other races and religions. Children will experience and explore the Catholic church and other religious places of worship in order to enrich their knowledge through first hand experiences of religious education. This will give our pupils an understanding of Catholic values and beliefs, but also an understanding of other faiths and cultures.


Our ultimate intention is for our children to leave St. Patrick's and to live by the word of God. They will be prepared for life in a multi-faith society, with respect for and an understanding of rich cultural diversity.

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