Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'

• 20th January- First Holy Communion Meeting 5:30-6:30pm at school • 29th January- KS1 Disco 3:15-4:30pm • 29th January- KS2 Disco 5:30-7pm • 7th February- FOSP coffee morning at 8:45am in McAuley, all parents welcome • 11th February- Ecclesall/Beeley Trip to Sheffield Gurdwara (Letters sent to class) • 11th February- Woolley/Lees Trip to Wolseley Road Mosque (Letters sent to class) • 13th February- Grenoside/Otters Trip to Sheffield Synagogue (Letters sent to class) • 14th February- Break up for half term • 25th February- First day back • 26th February- Hedgehogs/Squirrels Trip to Wentworth Farm (Letters sent to class) • 28th February- FOSP committee meeting 8:30am, Conference Room

Who's Who

Headteacher - Mrs S McKeown

Business Manager - Mrs K Fox

Chair of Governors - Mrs G Brown


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs S McKeown - Headteacher

Mrs E Barnes - Deputy Headteacher, SENCO, Inclusion 

Mrs J Elliott - Foundation Stage Lead

Mrs E Phillips - Key Stage 1 Lead

Mr W Ritchie - Key Stage 2 Lead

Teaching Staff Class    
Ms C Boardman Owls (FS1)    
Mrs Verdon - Smith Hedgehogs (FS2)    
Mrs L Craig Hedgehogs (FS2)    
Miss R Davis Squirrels (FS2/Year 1)    
Mr D Fidler Badgers (Year 1/2)     
Mrs E Phillips Otters (Year 2)     
Mrs K Harrold Grenoside (Year 3)     
Mrs A Hunt Beeley (Year 3/4)    
Mrs S Smith Lees Hall (Year 4/5)     
Mr Lochner Woolley (Year 5/6)    
Mr Ritchie Ecclesall (Year 6)    
Support Staff
Mrs M Chapell Teaching Assistant  
Mrs G Farrar Teaching Assistant  
Mrs D Fernandes     Teaching Assistant  
Mrs J Thompson Teaching Assistant                                                                       
Mrs J Foster Teaching Assistant                                                       
Miss L Hall Teaching Assistant  
Mrs J Knowles Teaching Assistant  
Mrs C Oldman Teaching Assistant  
Mrs A Palmer Teaching Assistant  
Miss N Said Teaching Assistant  
Mrs S Schofield Teaching Assistant  
Mrs L Taylor Teaching Assistant  
Mr J Cooper Teaching Assistant  
Mrs L Alyas Teaching Assistant  
Mrs T Opoh Teaching Assistant  
Business Admin Staff    
Mrs K Fox Business Manager  
Mrs L Mulaffar School Administrator  
Mr S Rodgers Administrative Assistant  


Saint Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy

'Open your mind, open your heart, welcome to success'

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